Lombosco Academy’s
Enrolment Strategy & New Modalities

Lombosco Academy Foundation, Inc. is a private school that offers pre-school and grade school in the heart of Katarungan Village, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. It was founded in the year 2000 and celebrated its 20th year this school year 2020-2021. With the recent paradigm shift in education due to the pandemic, Lombosco Academy was one of the schools in the country that was forced to adapt to online distance learning.

Based on the data presented by the Department of Health and the local government, Muntinlupa City, where the school is situated, is under the high to moderate risk severity grading.Thus, the traditional face-to-face learning is not possible. After conducting a Risk Assessment, the school management have decided to offer only distance learning, either Online Distance Learning (ODL) or Modular Distance Learning (MDL) for this school year.

Lombosco Academy believes that the education of the children must not be disrupted and it reiterates the importance of education to bring normalcy to the lives of the learners. 

Project Details

Software Programs
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Lightroom

Email Automation 
Elastic Email

eLearning Applications
Google Apps

Video Conferencing
Zoom Cloud Meetings

Learning Management System
Google Classroom (by 2021)

The Problem

Despite the expressed wishes of some parents to continue with online learning, there were other parents who held back in enrolling their children, as they were not familiar how the online system will work.

Solution #1: Distribution of “Infolet”

First, I initiated the distribution of the online “Infolet” or Information Booklet to parents who have general enrolment inquiries. Designed with compelling graphics, the Infolet aimed to answer FAQs, to provide a step-by-step guide of the enrolment procedure, and to introduce the “F.I.R.E. U.P.” which stands for Flexible Instructions Re-Igniting Education Unison Program. It is the school’s exclusive program that consists of the two new learning modalities.

Solution # 2: Virtual Training & Info Sessions

Secondly, together with the management, I spearheaded a series of virtual information sessions, dry runs and technology trainings to parents, students, teachers and staff with the goal to shed light about the two learning modalities and to discuss the modes of delivery - asynchronous and synchronous.

I leveraged the use of Facebook, where majority of our target market is present. All the scheduled virtual events were posted there with a link to sign up. Automatic emails were sent to attendees with all the information and links to join the webinars. This was done using email automation tools, such as Zapier and Elastic Email, and events were all conducted via Zoom.

A major part of the technology training and dry runs was a walk through of the Learning Management System (LMS) that will be used for the entire school year. They were also trained about the functions of other tools and applications that will be incorporated in the delivery of the modules. This greatly aided them to transition from face-to-face to online distance learning and made them confident about our implemented system.

Solution # 3: Social Media Posts

Lastly, I boosted our online reach through creating organic social media posts that attracted new parents to inquire about the school and eventually request for the enrolment package.

Because Lombosco Academy strategized and prepared the parents, learners, teachers and staff well ahead of time, it began the school year even before the re-scheduled start of classes set by the Department of Education.

The school forecasted a lower number of enrolled students this school year because of the pandemic. I am proud to express that through our teamwork, Lombosco Academy has reached the expected target enrolment number just before the commencement in August. The school is now on its second month of operation this school year and is continuously receiving positive feedback from parents.