Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon from Goldenaire Lombos on Vimeo.

Pink Ribbon is a simple informative game that covers the significant aspects of breast cancer that every woman should know. Beneficiaries of the project will be educated about the its causes, symptoms, medical care and tests available, treatment done, and most important of all is the prevention of breast cancer.

Goldenaire Lombos | Pink Ribbon

Screen size: 798 x 600

Goldenaire Lombos | Pink Ribbon

In the game, the user’s task is to look for the hidden pink ribbons in a collage layout. Once the ribbons are collected, the information about breast cancer will pop out.

Goldenaire Lombos | Pink Ribbon

Also, the project features the stories of three (3) breast cancer survivors.

Goldenaire Lombos

Skills used: Adobe Photoshop for design and layout, Adobe Director (formerly Macromedia Director) for programming, Adobe Premiere for video editing of intro movie


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