Mangyan Missions

As a Mangyan culture advocate herself, Goldenaire continues her journey in supporting the indigenous people found on her province, the island of Mindoro, each with its own tribal name, language and customs.

Goldenaire Lombos | Mangyan MissionsGoldenaire Lombos with the Mangyan kids of the Buhid tribe in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Mangyan cultural practices are in danger of vanishing because of the influence of modern lowland culture. The literature and traditions of the different Mangyan groups are short of documentation; thus, mainstream society lacks awareness of the beauty of Mangyan culture and its relevance to Filipino culture as a whole.

Goldenaire Lombos | Mangyan MissionsStorytelling session with the Iraya tribe in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Together with Amang, a German priest and the head of Mangyan missions, the artist, her family and a few other people who share the same love for the Mangyans, embark in different climbs in the far-flung mountains of Puerto Galera, Mansalay and Gloria to donate goods, food or clothing, to promote reading proficiency through story telling, to share the Catholic faith or simply sit with them and entertain them with some music. The Iraya and Buhid are the tribes closest to her heart.

Goldenaire Lombos

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