Amang Among Mangyans

The project is an interactive graphic narrative about the life of Fr. Ewald Dinter, SVD and how he became “Amang Among Mangyans” as it sheds light about the culture of the Mangyans. It aims to show the life of Fr. Dinter particularly the years he spent with the Mangyans, inform users about the culture of Mangyans through the years he spent among them and inspire young adults to live a meaningful and productive life by being of service to others. Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans Goldenaire has had first-hand personal encounters with Fr. Dinter and was amazed by his dedication and commitment in enhancing the culture of the Mangyans yet developing them to live their full potentials. This has been because Goldenaire’s mother herself finished her college education because of the immensity of Fr. Dinter’s heart who helped her through scholarship grant. Until now they are in constant communication through e-mails.

There is a personal connection which the artist would like to perpetuate and serve as an act of gratitude to this loving person. Since he is already in his twilight years at 72, there is this nagging urgency to do something as soon as possible which she will offer as a gift, not only for Fr. Dinter but also for the Mangyans of Mindoro, and for other people who do not know much about him and the Mangyans. As confirmed by the head of the Mangyan Heritage Center, there is no such material still available in their archives.

Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans

Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans


A German priest of high position goes to the inner environment of the Mangyans. He asked questions for which he did not receive any reply. After some time just going through and observing their way of life, the group of elders approached him and welcomed him heartily because he did not impose himself upon them and their culture.

From here, the story will flash back to Silesia, Germany to feature a bit of Fr. Dinter’s life, experiencing the end of the Nazi era, their hardship, his entrance to the religious life and ordination to priesthood.

Then the story proceeds to Fr. Dinter’s journey to Oriental Mindoro as a missionary and how he would later be “Amang” Among Mangyans.


Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans


1024 x 768 screen size

Director EXE file

Dual Platform (Mac/Win)

Mouse and keyboard activated

The project is divided into three main parts: story, video and about page.


Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans


The Helicopter Anecdote

As a helicopter whirrs about in the sky above a school in a Mindoro town, pupils rush to the windows or dash out of the classroom to catch a glimpse of it.

The teacher cuts off in mid-lecture and yells angrily, “Don’t be stupid like the Mangyans! Go back to your seats!”

Anecdotes like this about the Mangyan, the indigenous people of Mindoro who inhabit the island’s forest interior, upset Catholic priest Fr. Ewald Dinter.

Fr. Dinter’s Version of the Helicopter Anecdote

The class settles down and a small girl at the back of the room raises her hand and speaks, “Ma’am, I am a Mangyan. And I did not go to the window.”

Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans

 Stampitas as project collaterals to show major landmarks in Fr. Dinter’s life


Fr. Ewald Dinter is a priest who came to the Philippines in April 6, 1967 with the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD). He was among the missionaries to respond to the call to serve in Mindoro which was suffering from a scarcity of priests. Fr. Dinter is lovingly and respectably called “Amang” by the Mangyans of Mindoro. He is a German by birth, a Filipino by choice, and a Mangyan missionary by vocation.

He spent his past forty (40) years in the Philippines, twenty-three (23) years of which have been with the Mangyans journeying with them to preserve their culture yet accompanying them to find their place in Filipino society with dignity and respect.

He tries to understand the culture of the Hanunuo tribe, one of the eight Mangyan groups, very well and actually speaks their language. (Tandoc, “German by birth, Pinoy by choice, Mangyan by vocation”)

Fr. Dinter is the Executive Director of the Mangyan Mission, Inc. of the Apostolic Vicariate of Oriental Mindoro, a Catholic group dedicated to preserving Mangyan culture and improving the lives of the Mangyans. He is currently the new Executive Secretary of the CBCP’s (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) Commission on Indigenous Peoples. He has been recognized many times, the most recent of which was the Saint Joseph Freinademetz Award on January 29, 2010 for best exemplifying “prophetic dialogue and inculturation on his mission contribution, following the charism of the SVD and its founding generations.” (Virola, “Beloved by the Mangyans”)

Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans

Goldenaire Lombos | Amang Among Mangyans

Goldenaire Lombos
Skills used: Adobe Photoshop for the character design, interface layout and project collaterals, Adobe Director (formerly Macromedia Director) for programming, Adobe Premiere for video and sound editing

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